That was close

Had a bit of a scarey moment today with getting live audio into a mac. I took my Griffin in, rigged it up with my iPod and knocked up a simple patch just to make sure that it all works. Once I eventually managed to get a mac to “play” via a mixer, I then tried to get the iPod/Griffin combo to work. Nothing. Swapped usbs, played about with settings but still no joy. Got Benji involved and after a good half hour he was no further ahead than me. He said that some people had the same problem last year and overcame it by plugging straight into the input socket on the back of the G5. That’s fine by me, don’t really care just as long as I can get live audio into the mac somehow.

On the subject of live audio, the road outside of Babbage is pretty quiet so I’m wondering if I’ll get any good street sounds when I come to demo it. I might just ask for someone to volunteer to plug their iPod in. I could ask for them to speak into the mic but I don’t think I’ll get many takers 🙂

My patch is pretty much done. Following on from deconstructing other patches and a couple tutorials that came with Max, I’ve gone with the delay and testing with a normal keyboard produced some pretty good effects. Even managed to extend a Killers track by 3 minutes – no most Killers tracks are not 3 minutes longer than they should be either! So anyway, pretty much on course although I’ve still to cut and drill my pipe and solder up my switches.

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