It’s big and it’s a screen

For Wimbledon fortnight, a big screen has been erected in the City Centre and Openreel were asked to provide some footage to show on it during the quiet periods when the tennis wasn’t on. So Sarah and I hustled and cajoed people to get enough work together to create a showreel along with some idents that Sarah made. Today was the 2nd showing of the showreel and I managed to get along to have a look. It was great to see the work on such a huge screen and played thru’ a massive sound system – I could hear it as far away as the uni. My one gripe though was that the idents weren’t shown. I guess with it being the BBC and them having a policy of not advertising (unless it’s their own productions that is – am I being cynical?) that’ll be why. Still, it was good to be asked.

You can see some photos I took of today’s here and more will be added later.


We had our first Openreel last night. Sarah and I have been planning this for months and we finally managed to get it up and running. Openreel is essentially an open projection night where film makers can come along, show their work and get to meet and chat to other film makers. Professionals, amateurs, students, whoever really, everyone is welcome. We were a bit worried that no-one would turn up but in the end it was packed and we couldn’t show all of the film. Photos have been loaded up into Flickr.

Film Archive

Joasia arranged for us to visit the South West Film Archive this afternoon. What a fantastic place. Loads of old TV and film footage, both professional and amateur, of the the South West. We were shown around the place, had a look at the equipment and were taken into a vault. The first set of film I saw when I walked into the vault was of Westward Diary 1st January 1962 – 5th January 1962 – the week I was born! What a wicked coincidence. Never one to miss an opportunity, I dropped off a card for OpenReel and she seemed quite keen on it. It would be brilliant if we could get them involved somehow.