So we were asked to think about someone who we think embodies our interpretation of space. I picked Pele. No real surprise that I picked a footballer but I didn’t just pick him for the things that he had done, I picked him for one particular moment which was Brazil’s 4th goal in the 1970 World Cup Final.

It’s quite late in the game and Brazil break up an Italian attack. There’s the usual Brazilian build up where a player beats 4 of the opposition before passing and after a couple more, it gets laid off to Pele. He’s already had a quick look over his shoulder and has seen Carlos Alberto come steaming out from right back. So he stops to buy a bit more time and then gently rolls the ball out to the right. It looks as though the Italian defender will get there first coz there’s no yellow shirt to be seen and then Carlos Alberto suddenly appears. Without having to change his stride, he shoots and scores.

Space intro

The module addresses historical and contemporary developments in our understanding of space as a cultural, social and technological phenomenon as new media practices alter traditional models for architecture, communities and personal identities. Students are expected to develop personal perspectives upon the series of lectures and manufacture a significant piece of coursework that demonstrates these ideas.