Just like buses, you wait ages for an entry and 2 come along together. I’ve just spent the afternoon going thru’ the the links on my desktop and added them to and i’ve even added them to the menu using the feedlist plugin. I really spoil you!

Update on stuff

I don’t know how peopel people manage to update their blogs everyday. I never seem to remember and then end up doing a big one……a bit like now come to think of it.

So, what’s been happening in the Boxel world this week. I’ve had a couple of really productive meetings, made a big dent in a couple of projects I’m working on and even managed to fit in 2 trips to the gym. I’ve got back into smoothies as well. I used to drink them quite a bit but all the preparation put me off them, peeling, slicing and then blending started to be a bit much. I’ve come across this recipe on which doesn’t look too bad for someone as lazy as me.

I finally got around to downloading a copy of Flock for a bit of a play. In fact I’m using it now to post this entry. Actually, if truth be told that’s why I’ve finally got around to posting. I even got around to getting an account with Flickr and I haven’t added anything to them yet but I will so don’t go giving me that look. I’ve also downloaded Flock’s source to have a look thru, maybe it’ll inspire me to do something interesting with it.

And finally, Jamie and I eventually got round to sorting out our entry for this year’s Milia. More on that if we get accepted.