Time to concentrate on the league then

So it’s all over for another year. Once again we boss Watford, they score 1 – which was a good goal I must admit – and manage to hang on to go thru’. 17 shots to their 3 says it all really. Even the laying of the ceremonial giant pasty and the Beeb and Gabby setting up their studio at our end didn’t help either. Still, we did get further than Liverpool and Arsenal and at least we’ll be able to get our revenge next season.

Laying of the ceremonial giant pasty at the Devonport End
Laying of the ceremonial giant pasty at the Devonport End

Argyle warming up
Argyle warming up

Argyle warming up again
Argyle warming up again

Que sera sera…

…whatever will be will be
We’re going to Wem-ber-lee
Que sera sera

Flying high up in the sky…

…we’ll keep the green flag flying high
Set a course for Wem-ber-lee
We’ll keep the green flag flying high

Wem-ber-lee, Wem-ber-lee…

…we’re the famous Plymouth Argyle and we’re going to Wem-ber-lee

10 men – we only got 10 men

Sky cameraman at Home ParkSky were in town today which usually means either we’re in for a hammering or it’ll be one of the biggest bore-draws of the season. I must admit, I did fear the latter during the first half. It wasn’t very exciting sat there so I dread to think how it must have looked on the box. Then, against the run of play we’re 1-0 up. I know it was a penalty and the purist might not consider it a “real” goal but then you don’t get many purists supporting Argyle. Derby equalised quite soon after with what looked to us (even without green tinted specs) a well offside goal but the game suddenly came to life…..just in time for half time.

So the second half gets under way and within a matter of minutes we’re down to 10 men. Why? Coz apparently the muppet with the whistle decided that fairly winning the ball is a bookable offence and as Matt was already on 1, he sent him off. Down to 10 men against one of the “form” teams, 1-1 would have been a good result. But no, Argyle then decide that the best form of defence is attack so they go for it. Another pen and a back post header and we’re only 3-1 up. We did so much pressuring that we made one of their defenders clear it for a corner from just inside his own half!!

That’s another 3-1 home win, we’re up to 5th AND Edworthy got into a strop again. What a nice way to spend Sunday afternoon.

Bye bye Mickey

It didn’t seem like the usual “end of season with nothing to play for” sort of game today, probably coz it was Trigger’s last game. And what a great way to end his Argyle career by scoring the winning goal. Mickey didn’t score a lot of goals but he was a brilliant target man and held the ball up better than anyone I’ve seen in a green shirt. My 2 favourite Trigger moments were his header against QPR at the Devonport End in the title-decider and a free-kick against Swindon. He won this free-kick which the ref gave as indirect. He quickly put the ball down and blasted it at the keeper who tried to save it but there was too much power and it ended up in the net. Sheer class.

I’ve loaded up a couple of photos I took today. I think he must have had something in his eye coz it looks a bit watery.

“Henry of the Westcountry, Henry of the Westcountry”

Good day

Tom’s team won 3-2 today in a 2nd v 3rd showdown so that’s opened a 4 point gap between us and them now with only 6 more needed to guarantee at least 2nd place. It was a good game even though Tom had to go off part way thru’ the 2nd half with a bad back. And on top of that, Argyle did Wolves 2-0. Considering how much money they spent on their squad, they were rubbish with Ince being his usual arsey self. Still, at least he scored a cracking header for us – “Incey is a Pilgrim, Incey is a Pilgrim, la la la la, la la la la”


So we drew with PNE last night and that was one of the best 0-0’s I’ve seen. Both teams really going for it – loads better than the Brighton game. We’ve really come along way under Pulis to hold a team like Preston. I know there’s still a long way to go but I’m pretty certain that we’ll stay up.

That was boring

That has got to have been one of the most boring wins I have ever seen in all my years of watching Argyle. I know it’s 3 points and a win’s a win but even so I thought Brighton might have tried to come at us and nick it but appearently not. Stange considering that they’re in the bottom 3.

On a brighter note though, Tom won 5-2.

Oh yes

1-0. Come on you Greeeeeeeeeens!!! 3 pouints points and a clean sheet – woh who needs a manager!! Shame we didn’t play as well as we did on Tuesday but then again maybe I’m just being picky

And if that wasn’t enough, Tom won 15-0. Now if only Argyle had done that….