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Sing when your coding

My Spaceman was Pele and I liked the way in which he controlled the play of the Brazilian team. When we visted the Torpoint Ferry, I focused on the guy who directed the cars onto the ferry. Looking at both of them, it seemed to me that they followed conditional statements; “If first car then […]

Now there’s an idea

My Space project is pretty much done. I’ve got some research that I need to put into a coherent order for my presentation and film it running on 2 machines as part of the documentation but that’s it really. Or so I thought. I had this idea the other day which I think I’m gonna […]

Sing when your coding

Below is a screenshot of my away and home scripts hurling chants at each other. The home is chanting “who are ya” and the away is responding with “green army”. At the mo I’ve got each one printing the other’s chant just to make sure that the data transfer works but the plan is they’ll […]

It chants!!

You might just be able to read it but the image below is the “away” script with its chant and the response from the “home” code. In case your eye-sight can’t make it out, the away script chants “green army” and the home script responds with “who are ya”. So not to flood my network, […]

Talking to each other some more

I’ve had some success getting the “away” script to talk to the “home” script. Home receives the message and prints it but I can’t get the away to do the same and I can’t see why. I’m getting a response back saying that the message has been delivered so it must be getting there. Unfortunately […]

Talking to each other

I’ve started having a look at getting a Perl script to talk to another Perl script across the network. Although it doesn’t look the hardest thing in the world, there is a bit of a problem with the code it needs – in so much as it doesn’t sound very poetic!! I could try writing […]

Crowd Control

I was reflecting on the stuff so far on my way in and I suddenly remembered something I noticed from the Coventry game last week. We sit 1 block away from the main “choir” and just before they start a chant, there’s a lone voice who starts it off and normally gets about half way […]