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Found out today that I passed and am now an MSc. So to celebrate a quick trip to Mr Bun was called for.

Buns and coffee

Project update

I’ve been a bit behind with documenting everything coz of other stuff, so here’s a quick update on the story of NegA so far….

After weeks of discussion, we’ve now decided to create an online curation tool called Curatos which will allow artists and curators to create collections of work by calling in both their own material as well as accessing images and video in online repositories such as Flickr and YouTube. I’m only gonna document my involvement I think, for progress on the project as a whole, please visit the group’s blog here.


The Negotiated Practice module is the equivalent of a themed/taught 20 credit module and offers students the opportunity to propose a programme of personal practice which enables the development of their chosen m-DAT Pathway/s. The modules also enables m-DAT to embrace innovative digital collaborations. In ‘Negotiated Practice A’ emphasis is placed on collaboration and the ‘public’ presentation of project outcomes.

The module is run in collaboration with Paula Orrell, Curator at the Plymouth Arts Centre.

This module introduces the theme of Curating.

The module focuses on the practice of curating in the context of Internet. It explores the relationship between the traditional models of curating and emerging online practices that take into account the networked, shared and immaterial nature of contemporary art production. The module considers new models of curating that facilitate production, distribution, consumption and preservation of immaterial art outside the traditional institutional context of the gallery or museum. It also emphasises the correlation between curating as critical discourse and as contemporary practice.