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Here’s a short movie which hopefully goes some way to explaining the project and my research behind it. View movie 11.6MB

Nearly done

Shot some video with Jamie and Chelle earlier today showing them using the system. My plan for the video is to have stills of each of us using the swap app at various different stages with relevant text from my presentation slides interspersed amongst them. Not sure of the soundtrack yet. There’s a couple of […]

Recycle done

Just finished testing the recycle version of phone2fone and everything is looking good with it at the mo. This differs quite a bit from the other 2 as an image is loaded up at the time of registering an item to swap and there is no way of guaranteeing that a swap has been completed […]

And another…

The trading card game is now finished. Preliminary testing is looking good so far and to celebrate this momentous occasion I’ve had a crack at padding out the website. I’ve added a registration page and an about page which does sound a bit like the home page at the mo but that’ll change once I’ve […]

1 down…

I’ve just finished testing the main app of phone2fone which is the file share/swapping app. I’ve just got the game to finish off and the freecycle version to do. I’ve been looking at WURFL which essentially is an XML file containing information about the capabilities and features of most of the mobile phones. There are […]


I’ve now finished the basic platform for phone2fone and have moved into testing phase. The browser that comes with Sony Ericsson phones seems to be behaving itself. The layout of each of the pages, the accesskeys and the way the pages render are all as I was expecting. Even the Openwave browser that some phones […]

New domain

Late last week was an open day and I volunteered to give a short demo of phone2fone. We met a couple of days before to run thru stuff and it was at that meeting that I was told that I needed a logo and 100-150 words summary about it. I was gonna do the whole […]

Nearly there

I’ve sorted out the problem with the page not refreshing when mail messages are deleted and requesting a swap, accepting a swap by choosing one of their’s and sending a reminder to upload the file are all done. I’ve still got to finish the rejecting a swap, the mechanics of completing a swap and uploading/downloading […]

Back to Earth

So after the excitement of the other night, it’s back to reality. My project is motoring along quite nicely and I’m pretty confident that I’ll have a vanilla version up and running by the 29th. I’ve had a couple of interesting “issues”, one of which took me a while to resolve and the other I’ve […]