I graduated yesterday. Got to wear the hat and the gown and was also awarded the “Being Digital” award which I’m sharing with Steve.

Name card with the Being Digial award

Jamie, Chelle and me in our gowns

2:1 to the boxelboy

My results arrived today and I got nice big fat 2:1. After 5 years of juggling family stuff, work and uni deadlines I’m pretty well chuffed if not a little relieved.

And big well dones also to Jamie, Chelle and Steve

All done

Presented my project today, apart from a hiccup with the video feed not working and the net taking forever to log me in and then do anything I think it went ok. Can’t believe that I forgot to include the url of my project in the slides so thanks Dan for giving me the opportunity to mention it.

So, that’s it now then. After 5 years I’m finished. Just curry and loads of beer Friday night left then.

All handed in

Handed my project in today. The original plan was to hand it in yesterday but some problems with printing and DVD cases put a stop to that. So once again, I was there at 8.40 so that I could make sure that I was at the front for 10 as I was supposed to be on a workshop by then. Just after 9 a woman in the office stuck her head out and asked what I was doing so I explained about it being my big, main project and how I had to be somewhere else at 10 so she took pity on me and let me hand it all in then. If I knew who she was, she would definitely be on my Xmas card list for this year.

So that’s that then, just gotta practice my presentation for Monday and it’ll be all finished.


Here’s a short movie which hopefully goes some way to explaining the project and my research behind it.

View movie 11.6MB

Still from project video

Project Abstract

Here’s the abstract for my project – download and enjoy.


Nearly done

Shot some video with Jamie and Chelle earlier today showing them using the system. My plan for the video is to have stills of each of us using the swap app at various different stages with relevant text from my presentation slides interspersed amongst them. Not sure of the soundtrack yet. There’s a couple of pieces by The Sundays that might be appropriate.

Recycle done

Just finished testing the recycle version of phone2fone and everything is looking good with it at the mo. This differs quite a bit from the other 2 as an image is loaded up at the time of registering an item to swap and there is no way of guaranteeing that a swap has been completed so the date registered is the date that a swap has been agreed. Also, both parties get sent an email with their “normal” email addresses in it to arrange the swap. Seeing as they would have to meet sometime to swap, it seemed a bit silly to keep their identities a secret from each other.

I’ve now just got my presentation and slides to compile, a promo video to shoot and edit and a data disk containing everything to burn….not to mention the case cover. Sleep is very overrated 🙂

And another…

The trading card game is now finished. Preliminary testing is looking good so far and to celebrate this momentous occasion I’ve had a crack at padding out the website. I’ve added a registration page and an about page which does sound a bit like the home page at the mo but that’ll change once I’ve got more flesh to my presentation. At least the code and CSS passes validation.

1 down…

I’ve just finished testing the main app of phone2fone which is the file share/swapping app. I’ve just got the game to finish off and the freecycle version to do. I’ve been looking at WURFL which essentially is an XML file containing information about the capabilities and features of most of the mobile phones. There are loads of different features that can be checked, so many that I’m worried about getting distracted with it. I think I’m gonna use it just to check that the device can upload files and maybe look at it in more detail at a later date.