After much discussion, we’ve now finally agreed on the narrative and have even storyboarded it. The “wolf” is a place as well as being a person. Essentially the story is about a girl, who is in an abusive relationship, getting ready to meet her bloke in a club. When she gets there, he starts getting violent and she is rescued by the bouncers. We’ve also decided on the viewpoint. We had thought that perhaps it was filmed from the viewpoint of her rescuer, perhaps a guy who has fancied her from afar but decided against that because if he’s watching her get ready then that sounds more like a stalker than a rescuer. So we’ve gone for the CCTV angle. You can’t walk around a town without being watched by them and all clubs have them on the door and inside them so we thought it was quite a good way to observe the action.

I’ve also gone back and re-watched Sin City as the comic book, film-noir look is what we want to try and achieve and the opening scene is almost exactly what we want to do with our Little Red Riding Hood.

Our storyboard

A black and white still from Sin City with the only colour being the girl's red dress

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