Having a bit of a fiddle~

Jamie brought her drum kit into uni and for the last 2 days we’ve been beavering away on our project. We had a bit of a scare when the piece of kit we were hoping to use with the drum mikes kept hanging the Mac but we managed to get round it by plugging them straight into my laptop. This was also the backup plan with fiddle and bonk as it turns out neither of the Macs in that room had them. After some experimenting with cymbals, toms and bass drum, we’ve got a pretty good idea of the values we can get from them by using bonk so we then turned out attention to our patch. As part of the plan is to extend the capabilities of the drum kit, we thought it would be good if it played a sample when something was hit. After a couple of goes, we managed to get a pre-recorded sample to play and when running it thru’ the patch for my delayStick, got some really crazy sounds. The next part of the plan is to hopefully sample live druming on the fly and to use that as well as pre-recorded stuff.

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