Well, Jamie and I have had a really productive day. Stuck all our little patches together into various sub-patches of the main, um, patch. Had a few practice runs and then did a couple proper run thru’s. What was interesting about today was that after being pretty sure that we wanted pre-recorded samples included such as backward cymbals, we’ve decided to drop them. Although the controlling of their playback was just as straight forward as the recordings made during the performance, they just sounded completely out of place with whatever Jamie did. As the “output” is more important than the technical side of the project, we both agreed they should be dropped. Unfortunately, we haven’t got any recordings of this so you’ll just have to take our word for it. Right, we still need to edit the video properly to pull out the best bits for submission but it’s all looking promising so far…even if we still need to come up with a name!

Jamie's drum kit
Jamie’s drum kit

Jamie and me discussing tactics
Discussing tactics

Us in action
Us in action

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