drumThing performance

Today was our performance of the drumThing. We set it all up at around lunchtime (thanks again Benji for your help) and had enough time for a couple of run thru’s. We had a bit of a scare with the quality of the audio but we found that was due to the weight of the leads pulling on the jack in the socket. Moving the laptop back from the edge of the desk and twisting the adaptor round soon fixed that. We were presenting late in the day mainly coz we stayed in 212 and didn’t realise that there was a running order in the other room until after everyone else had signed up. In the end that was probably something of a result coz with just 5 of us in there, the room was getting pretty hot so with the rest of the guys crowded round, it would have been worse.

The performance itself went well – Jamie has really got the hang of playing the drumThing and I think I managed to add delay and feedback at the right moments as well. Also being a drummer, Stu had a go at it. After some explanation from us on how it works, and me disconnecting the delayStick to make it easier to play, Stu started up. Considering he’d never played the drumThing before, I thought he did well. He took a while to start the recordings off but managed to make some decent noise out of it.

Below is my documentation in pdf format, the drumThing MAX patch plus the text version for downloading (released under the Creative Commons licence as at the bottom of the page) plus 3 Quicktime movies of various performances. Apologies for the file sizes of the movies, this was to ensure the audio was of a high quality.

Image of the drumThing patch

Photo of us performing today

Another photo of us performing

Photo of Stu playing the drums and the drumThing

Download documentation

Download the MAX/MSP drumThing patch

Download source text file

Quicktime movie of us playing the drumThing 33.3MB

Quicktime movie of us performing today 23.2MB

Quicktime movie of Stu playing the drumThing 12.4MB

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