Portland Square

Since moving back to Plymouth, I’ve takne taken a bit more of an interest in its history than I ever did when I was growing up. I always knew that the city had a hard time during the war as my parents grew up during it in Devonport and used to tell me stories of what it was like. So it was interesting to read in the Herald of a how someone surrived a direct hit on an airraid shelter in Portland Square. I must have walked past the building maybe at least once a day and never knew anything about the history of that area. I didn’t even know that there’s a bench with a plaque on it in remembrance but eventually managed to track it down. It doesn’t seem much of a way to remember the killing of 76 ordinary people. Surely the city (or maybe the university) can do better than that.
Portland Square bench

One Comment on “Portland Square”

  1. Tony Rees says:

    My sentiment exactly which is why a 9-foot sculpture of Portland Stone will be unveiled before the Summer is out.

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