Contemporary Music Festival 2009

Took part in the world premier of Variations today which as the blurb says is “A digital AV Composition in three forms.

A10 “These two months at Plymouth were the most miserable which I ever spent”.
F10 Laws of Variation.
M10 Gene-Pool (the shallow end). Inspired by Darwin’s thwarted attempts to leave Plymouth.

Variations is a generative work playfully exploring some of Darwin’s insights.”

I did an SMS piece where the audience could text in words and they were displayed over the top of the words from the intro to the Origin of Species and the 1st book of Genesis displayed in a matrix-stylee cascade in the background. Below are some photos and videos from the rehearsals and more on Variations can be found here.

Video of Gene Pool
Video of Gene Typing Pool
Video of Worms

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