So, what has ITV, HMC, TwoFour, i-DAT and Jamie & me got in common? We only all won at the Media Innovation Awards ceremony!! In fact, both of the nominations I was mention in won coz the Cornwall Culture project won for the best multi-platform category. It was all a bit of a shock to be honest. We were up against TwoFour for their Ashes Down Under project in the Mobile category so I hoped we would win but didn’t really expect it. When they started talking about the nominations and showed a video of each of them, my heart just went crazy so you can probably imagine what it was like when they opened the envelope and read out our names. We went up on stage to collect it and I mumbled some thanks but I was in a complete state of shock. In fact, I still hadn’t recovered when they read out the winner of the multi-platform category – no way was I going up there again!!

It was a bit of an MLA/DAT night. Most of the awards went to people with an MLA/DAT connection with either staff, graduates or under graduates (oh that’s us :)) winning something.

But, despite all that, I do feel a bit guilty coz it was a team effort really. So to try and re-dress the balance somewhat, I’d like to thank the following;

Chris Speed for running the Organism project which spawned Stanley
Mike Phillips and B for inviting us to take part in Noogy
Lee Nutbeam for the animation
Justin Roberts for his coding
Pyramid for the screen

But an extra special thanks to Jamie without whom Stanley and Noogy would not be where they are now. Well done girl.

Jemma Woodman collecting award
Jemma Woodman collecting ITV Westcountry’s award

Dan Livingstone collecting his award
Dan Livingstone collecting his Individual Contribution to Innovation award

Team i-DAT collecting the multi-platform award
Team i-DAT collecting the multi-platform award

HMC collecting one of their awards
The boys of HMC collecting the overall winner award

Our award
Our award

Jamie with the award
Jamie with our award

Me with the award
Me with the award

2 Comments on “Blimey”

  1. Jamie says:

    ooo special thanks to me 🙂 and yourself!! couldn’t have done it without you… how much chocolate do i owe you for saying that?

  2. Mike says:

    Congratulations Chris, Noogy was a great project and you deserved to win. I’m looking forward to seeing what other cool stuff you come up with in the future – noogy 2 perhaps?

    All the best,
    Mike – HMC Interactive

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