Week 15

For this visualisation I’ve taken the literal translation of the feed. There’s a site in the States that provides a feed of GPS data on various routes throughout the country. I decided to use the data for the LA Metro route for no other reason than it seems to have the most amount of data and is updated fairly regularly. So, I extract the GPS coordinates along with the heading and every 4 seconds show the potential view that the bus driver will see……assuming that he happened to be at that point the same time as the Google Streetview car was :)

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Week 13

So for a change I’ve gone back to using the Arch-OS feed, this time taking the current wind speed. I read an article on how if you draw a line perpendicular from the midpoint of each of the sides of a pentagon, you get 6 sub pentagons. The article had a really nice tutorial for displaying this. I took it one step further and added some animation.

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