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I don’t know how peopel people manage to update their blogs everyday. I never seem to remember and then end up doing a big one……a bit like now come to think of it.

So, what’s been happening in the Boxel world this week. I’ve had a couple of really productive meetings, made a big dent in a couple of projects I’m working on and even managed to fit in 2 trips to the gym. I’ve got back into smoothies as well. I used to drink them quite a bit but all the preparation put me off them, peeling, slicing and then blending started to be a bit much. I’ve come across this recipe on regularjen.com which doesn’t look too bad for someone as lazy as me.

I finally got around to downloading a copy of Flock for a bit of a play. In fact I’m using it now to post this entry. Actually, if truth be told that’s why I’ve finally got around to posting. I even got around to getting an account with Flickr and del.icio.us. I haven’t added anything to them yet but I will so don’t go giving me that look. I’ve also downloaded Flock’s source to have a look thru, maybe it’ll inspire me to do something interesting with it.

And finally, Jamie and I eventually got round to sorting out our entry for this year’s Milia. More on that if we get accepted.

One Comment on “Update on stuff”

  1. jEN says:

    Thanks for noticing! :) I have several recipes up and may put them on a static page of their own. A quick search on my site for smoothie and you’ll find a few more recipes in the recent archives.

    I’m lazy too. I just want things that are fast, reasonably healthy and tasty. If they aren’t easy, I won’t bother. I’d love to be dedicated enough to use non-canned fruit for some of my ingredients, but I know myself too well to go that route!

    Good luck and cheers!

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