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Years ago when she was younger, my daughter had a rainmaker similar to the picture below. Inside the tube were hundreds of little bits which when you shook the tube or turned it upside-down made a noise. I think the toy itself is based on the instrument that was used by the native American indian to try and make it rain during droughts – not that I think mine will have any impact on climatic conditions unless I can find a MAX object I can hack that is. So, that’s what I wanna make and I guess I’ll need a tube, some tilt sensors and loads of wire. I’ve got an old PS/2 keyboard and a PS2-usb converter so getting it connected up to the computer ought to be ok. I’m not sure what I wanna do for the end result. Transfering the motion to sound is probably a good place to start but maybe using it to mix video might be fun as well. Or at least I think it ought to have some sort of visual representation.

Image of an Early Learning rainmaker

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  1. Hi Chris,

    Your sound practice project idea is sound so far (excuse the pun) I think that you need to now look to what the controller is actually going to implement inside max/msp. My initial thoughts are along the lines of: ‘wouldn’t it be cool if you could simulate the grains inside the ‘rain tube’ and attach different sounds which occur when the collide’ However, I realise the physics behind that are daunting, but maybe this idea could give you some direction ? Although this is just speculation / a suggestion…

    Regards, your temp. IDAT 305 Lecturer, GW.

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