Some Space ideas

Went thru’ what I’ve done so far with Chris yesterday and how I’m not sure what the end product will be or about. The certainties are that the “thing” it’s about will also be reflected in the action and maybe visuals when the code is executed (as my diagram below tries to show :)). I did like the idea of obfuscating code into a picture but that’s way down the list at the mo. Chris mentioned football chants, they are a kinda poetry and, if you’ve not listened to them, they are quite well structured with the player’s name and tune being intricately linked. Also, what is interesting about them is if one set of fans have a chant and the opposing fans have a similar one to the same tune, they’ll compete and try to out do them. Maybe I could have 2 programs, passing messages to each other like opposing fans. Now there’s a thought!!

Diagram showing how the subject and code are linked

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