Methodology chat

Spoke to Chris yesterday about our trip to the Torpoint ferry. Explained that I remember from years ago the guy who used to direct cars on and how they have to go in certain places otherwise the ferry would be gridlocked or maybe even tip up – that last bit could be a lie coz it was a relative who told me that when I was little. So, anyway, I saw that guy as the “playmaker”.

We chatted about him and Pele having a meta perspective, needing to see the bigger picture to be able to control it, about being outside of the group as well as participating at the same time. Could what they do be broken down into programming statements.

if (car ==0) {parkCar(row[1], position[0]);}
or maybe
if (time == 86 && rightBack[“actions”] == “running” && possession[“team”] == “Brazil”) {ballAction->stop; defender->dummy; ball->roll(“right”);}

Which is quite an interesting an idea. What if the way we travel thru’ time and space, what we do could be broken down into code. Chris mentioned granularity and what in maths is called frames. He also talked about clashes of resolution which at the time I thought I understood but now I’m not so sure. In the meantime, I think I’m gonna have to research my idea more and dig out some old matches. The 5-1 against Germany might be a good place to start.

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