Electronics lesson

Not so much a lesson more a safety tutorial. Don’t hang your coat on the back of the chair, don’t touch the hot end of the soldering iron, never run with scissors – he didn’t mention that one but it’s still a top tip kids. We also got told about using the lab and how we can order more kit. At the end, we were given our goody bag of resistors, tilt switches and light sensors.

We went and tracked down Dan to have a quick chat about our sound applets. Gareth mentioned to me earlier in the week that he thought I might need an accelerometer coz I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to measure the tilt of my rainmaker but Dan had a solution using an array of tilt switches which will do the job – it’ll also save me a bit of money as well. He mentioned that we ought to look at Max first rather than get hung up over the front end which makes sense considering my first venture into MSP didn’t work and I couldn’t see why only to find out that it doesn’t like MP3 files – yet another top tip for you.

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