Ain’t that just the way

The last thing we had to sort out was recording and playing back live samples. Earlier in the week we spent ages on it and didn’t get anywhere. So today we got in early and put our names at the top of the list to talk to Dan about it. And then, a few minutes before he was due to arrive, Jamie sussed it. We still had our chat with Dan anyway and he showed us a nice trick using the metro object and told us how to get just the right amount of figures out of fiddle by using bonk. Very useful coz fiddle just chucks out realms and realms of numbers.

So, it looks as though we’re nearly there. I’ve still gotta put the 2nd delayStick together but that shouldn’t take long. Then we just need to put all of our little test patches into one, with the appropriate amount of sub-patches obviously, have a few practice runs and then do it for real.

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