So s-os started last night at Plymouth Arts Centre and provides an operating system for the social life of Plymouth. As the site says “Whilst town planners and architects model the ‘physical’ City and Highways Department’s model the ‘temporal’ ebb and flow of traffic in and around the City, S-OS will model the ‘invisible’ social exchanges of the City’s inhabitants. Plymouth Arts Centre will be converted into a ‘Central Processing Unit’ to run S-OS as a RealLife Social Operating System, generating creative interventions and strategic manifestations on, by and for the citizens of Plymouth.”

My contribution to it is sosHappis which is a mobile phone app that measures your level of happiness. Based on Opta stats used to measure a footballer’s performance within a match, you simply pick the indicators that have happened to you on the day and your personal happindex is generated. You can then load them in onto the main server and an overall figure for the city is calculated. Download it from here and give it a go.

The exhibition runs until 6th April, more information can be found here.

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