Midi update

I’ve been a bit lapse in charting my progress in this……mainly coz my progress has been pretty slow in my opinion. Anyways, I’ve been working on doing the visuals mainly coz I’ve not been able to get Processing to talk to the midi controller and I’ve not been able to get over to the lab to spend any amount of time to work out why, until today. I essentially removed everything (Processing, all of its midi libraries and mmj), re-installed it all and it worked. Using scripts provided with the libraries I was able to list the midi controller and I knocked up a test which wrote coloured circles to the stage depending on the values obtained which you can see below. So now i just need to put it all together with my existing scripts, write some more and then do a test with the skeleton.

skeleton backpack skeleton side view

midi controller promidi seeing midi

midibus seeing midi visuals from test

dump of variable from test

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