Invisible Arch update

So I’ve had a couple of meetings with Chris. In the first he did his now infamous triangle method of getting at the core of you or rather me. We talked about football, open source/hacking and my near evangelical stance on accessibility. We also chatted about the PDFs that he sent out and I mentioned that I really liked text on the Poliscar, how the homeless are the true public of a city. They spend their entire time in public spaces and yet they are constantly moved on and are excluded from “normal” civic life. Coz of that, Chris suggested that I’m not really about inclusion but more about exclusion and why people are excluded. I really liked this, I guess its more of the dark side of what I’ve been trying to do, especially with my professional work.

The 2nd meeting was more about my map which is based on football or rather the stuff that goes on around the game like sponsorship, catering etc. I’ve got this awesome book called A Game of Two Halves: Football Yesterday and Today which does a compare and contrast of the game from yesteryear to now, well Japan/South Korea 2002 but lets not split hairs eh? Something that has always interested me is this blurry nostalgia opinion we have of the game. Piping hot pies that are still frozen on the inside, lukewarm Bovil, terracing and yet football is nothing like that now. It’s more likely to be a Ginsters, 2 choices of coffee and a sweaty plastic seat but we still persist with this other image. Chris suggested that I have a word with Gianni as he’s doing some work on memory and I seem to be edging towards a collective memory type of thing.

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