Seeing as I had some time to kill yesterday charging up my soldering iron, I thought I’d have a look at my other “instruments” to see what I could do with them. The alphabet teacher doesn’t have much in it but the board looks interesting. The furby could be a bit tricky though. Nearly all of the info I’ve found online suggests replacing the cpu with one of your own. I think considering my prowess in that department I’ve probably left it a bit late for that. So, that left the keyboard. I opened it up and it was just full of similar switches to the Simon. Not wanting to have to muck about with them ever again, I closed it up and put the batteries back in for a quick burst of “doh-a-deer” which is all I can play. And that’s where the oopsie comes in coz it now longer works. All I did was remove the batteries, take the screws out and open it up and somehow it decided to die. Maybe at a later date I’ll have another look at it but for now I’m a toy down.

The inside of the alphabet teacher

The inside of the keyboard

The inside of the keyboard - look at all those carbon tipped switches

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